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on 10/10/2016 at 20:59

I was a young soldier, stationed in West Germany in 1980. My wife and I took a motorcycle trip from Germany, to Italy. In a town I can't remember, somewhere in Switzerland, my Harley broke a clutch cable and I was stranded on the side of the road. I man drove up to us, he was wearing a Hells Angles cut and some broken English and offered to help us. He helped me push my bike to his house. He offered us food and a beer. He took us to visit a friend of his, also a Hells Angles member who was an auto mechanic at VW shop. This man left work and took us to his house and showed us a motorcycle he was building inside of his house. He said he would have to remove the wall in his house to get out or when it was done. He took the clutch cable from his bike and installed it on mine. He refused to take money for it. I was never able to thank him enough. I remember the kindness I was shown and it has remained with me all theses years. The Hells Angles are awesome!
on 08/10/2016 at 12:56

Die Heels Angels haben genau das, was viele Schweizer-Bürger an unserer Gesellschaft und unserer Landesregierung vermissen: Regeln, die befolgt und akzeptiert werden, weil sie klar und verständlich sind. Anständiger Umgang untereinander, sowie eine gesunde und nicht übertriebene Rücksichtnahme einzelner, weil das Kollektiv logischerweise höher steht. Ehre, Respekt und Vertrauen, das sich ein jedes Mitglied erst verdienen muss. Volle Loyalität gegenüber seinen Brüder, für welche jedes Mitglied im Gegenzug dafür eine starke Gemeinschaft im Rücken hat, auf die er sich bedingungslos verlassen kann. Etwas, auf was wir uns von unserem Staat nicht zu sehr verlassen sollten... Markus Lütolf, Hergiswil.
Messages : 21 to 30
Page : 3
Number of messages : 2128